Chris Steed's new book

Chris’ new book, “The Identification Principle” is out this weekend, published by IVP  at £12.99. 

It is about how the incarnation of Jesus shapes faith and ministry and it also refers to St Win's.   The book discusses how incarnational means God connecting with messy human experience and the church being instrumental in transforming society.​ It offers a fresh approach to how the death of Christ saves us. Chris says he felt that this book more than most was given to him. Gordon Tuck from Testwood Baptist Church said after reading the pre-published version that it was prophetic.

You now have a chance to buy a copy, discuss it with the author himself, as well as getting a signed first edition.

There will be a book launch at Testwood Baptist Church on Thursday 7th February at 7.00pm.

Refreshments will be provided


Chris Chris Steed